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Tealeaf is a robust & energetic team of tea growers, manufacturer and seller to end-users. We are team of small tea farmers’ cooperative, one processing factory in Nepal and one online tea store run from USA. Our tea plantations are young and mature enough of just 20-25 years only, which could grow very good quality tealeaf for coming several decades. Gardens elevations at 5600 ft. to 6000 ft. the soil very fertile and rich in minerals, air so pure and unpolluted and our organic standards have given a meaning to our passion of making premium specialty tea. Unlike many old tea plantations and their rustic factories that make good tea by chance and sell tea on their stale legacy, our couple year old brand new factory has incorporated the latest production line technology that could save energy (sustainability folks!!), decrease unnecessary human labor being careful about production hygiene assuring our craftsmanship. All of our teas are hand plucked not by machine and some varieties are hand rolled requiring extensive human labor.

The cup of tealeaf you are sipping has cut all the middlemen and tea traders who seek to unfairly exploit market, farmers and tea workers. The entire tea industry of Nepal is on ailment and will be for coming several years if the tea growers and workers could not get their fair share. Farmers and workers  could send their children to school, get health care in need and certainly better quality of life than what they are disdained to now. There has been a chronic trend among young man of those villages and mountains gifted with tea  to go overseas esp. India, middle east and other countries to make their family ends because they have no confidence that their future will be better working on tea sector. There is deep scarcity of human resource in tea sector of Nepal and making many tea gardens infecund. The main reason for such disparity is because of the role of middlemen tea traders especially from India in controlling market throwing unfair returns to the tea farmers and government’s clumsy trade policies.

Nepali tea sector had to battle the vicious trade circle to reach true tea lovers in western society. Therefore, it was very necessary for us to establish the entire chain of tea business under one team ' tealeaf ' so that we could be very competitive in price to our tea lovers yet delivering highest returns to people at plantation and factory, land and environment. We are probably one of the very few online stores who promote such a limited variety of premium specialty teas. Keeping pages and pages of tea variety and blends may make our customers confused and overwhelmed. Instead of pondering on keeping varieties we spend our time and energy on nurturing our tea bushes to make richer, focus on better and sustainable harvesting practices, researching on incorporating better processing methods. We are confident that we have made all of our teas rare and unique in their characters. We decided not to go with tea bags because full-leaf tea will not fully be able to infuse inside the tea bags. And obviously, the tea bags deteriorate the real flavor of the tea. We are convinced that true tea drinkers will not drink their tea on tea bags.

Not only we are striving to promote best quality organic specialty tea but also equally paying attention on being responsible to our environment. We just did not want to be another online tea store for profit. Therefore we are committed to biodegradable and compostable packaging. Our packages, labels, printed ink and adhesive all are made of compostable materials, which are completely plastic free, toxic free, carbon free. Label stickers are made from either corn or sugarcane wastes but not from tree. Handmade bamboo woven baskets are of course biodegradable.

Therefore we proudly say,
“Enjoy this elixir-like-liquor guilt free with confidence”

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